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Armstrongs is a family business, establised in 1989. It all started with William and Windfred opening a sanwich shop on Swan street in Manchester city centre. Their core value was making the best possible sanwiches using only the best quality ingredients, yet charging very reasonable prices. They extended the shop and started selling Fish & Chips, using exactly the samevalues (of course) and what a hit that was! They soon realised they where selling more FIsh & Chipsthan sandwiches and decided to make it their main product.


Armstrongs Fish & Chips was born! Customers queued in and around the shop all day long to get their hands on these irresistble FIsh & Chips!


Mark (Williams and Winifred's son) natrually decided to join the family business and worked alongside his parents for many years.


With great success, our original shop beame too small for our operations, a much bigger premises was needed. It was Mark who spotted a vacant building on Bury Old Road and instantly knew this would be the perfect place to relocate our family business. Mark even fitted the shop out all by himself! The shop was ran between William, Winifred and Mark all clocking up 70 hours a week each to ensure this shop was a success.


William and Winifred later came to retire leaving Mark to take over the beloved family business. WOrking 70 hours a week, Mark still managed to find the time for his girlfriend Victoria who even heped out in the shop just to be able to spend a little more time with him. They eventually married and had three chilren called Ben, Lucie & Katie.


After leaving school Ben wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps and natrually joined the family business. With an extra pair of hands Mark and Victoria thought this was the perfect time to open a seccond shop. It was Victoria this time who spotted the perfect  vacant premises on Market Street Shaw. Again Mark dod most of the work himself fitting out the shop, only this time he had the helping hand of his son Ben. Using the same values and still putting in many long hours, this shop turned out to be a great success.


Lucie then left school and also decided she wanted to join the family business. She was welcomed by her family who was very proud that she wanted to come and work alongside them.


Now we reach the current time, where Armstrongs is a comletley owned family business. Its ran by Mark & Victoria and their children. Not forgetting Sandra and Mandy our two store managers. Both considered part of the family, we truly belive it would be an impossible task to beind anyone else who is just as passionate and carying about our business as we are.


We have put everything we have into the sucess of this buisness. It truly sits at the heart of our family.


We thank all of valued customers for their support over the many years.


The Armstrongs Family